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About the Artist

From the age of 6, my heart told me that art was my passion. And although bright, bold colors always attracted me, my art felt restrained and rigid — akin to coloring “within the lines”. Many years later, when watercolors and photography beckoned to me, a new path emerged. I was changing — learning to view the world through a prism of color. While I‘d always been a black-and-white sort of person, watercolors taught me to let go and express myself more freely not only in my designs but also in my life.

Watercolors infused my soul with the beauty of vibrant, vivid color while photography enhanced both my vision and my design sense. Working in tandem, these two mediums nurtured me enough that I was comfortable with other forms of expression. And thus, I began designing jewelry.

My signature is to work with color while combining a variety of materials and textures. Texture is always incorporated — be it the feel of natural, rough and smooth stones; rustic metals; tiny seed beads; or shiny, hard-edged crystals.

Since I began creating jewelry almost two decades ago, my maturing and evolving portfolio has evolved into an array of visually, and artistically pleasing works of art that are interesting and unique…all of the wearable variety.

My work is shown not only in juried shows, but also in a number of stores in the New England area. And, of course, my favorite canvas is the women who love wearing my striking, sophisticated, and individualistic pieces.